Franceska Kirke

May 25 – July 1, 2018

The project’s “Transform” new works are like a journey in time and styles of paintings. There and back, freely wondering between centuries from “hollanders” to “emojis” visual signs. Pointillism, tachisme, abstract expressionism combined with 18th century’s school of painting and creates new meaning of time. The audience “lives” the change of visual code of the century and transformation that is an endless process.
The art peace “Vanitas” is like allegory to transient beauty, fashion, taste, mixing in one work picture of Hollands flowers with “grafted” Murakami flowers, which changes to Lui Vuitton stylized flower logo. And it all is being eaten by a caterpillar. The color flushes out, nothing is eternal, including the caterpillar, which symbolizes life’s momentary.