Bedroom Paintings

Helen Heinrihsone

November 14 – December 8, 2018

The exhibition “Bedroom Paintings” is expected to be lightly carefree, like a stopped moment. It invites the viewer to enjoy the interaction of colors. Fragments of figure as an ornament fixes intangible beauty of a movement. Concept of the works roots in traditional pop art, where the parallels can be drawn with art of American artist Tom Wesselmann.

A bedroom is usually a private space, where people sleep at night or takes rest at day, with more or less conditional interior: bed, closet, a chair and mirror.
In Helens “bedroom” there’s nothing out of place, figures lightly levitates in comfort that’s created by colors.
The colors is what features intimacy. Paintings are created in two techniques: using opposite color principle or a close up color harmony principle.