September 5 – September 16, 2017

Peeter Allik is an Estonian artist living and working in Tartu. He has developed his own linocut technique according to the old value criteria, in which, according to a quality of art, the created works speak for themselves. Therefore, Peeter Allik thinks visually and turns his verbal thoughts into visual ones.

“I have used folklore, proverbs, oral heritage, beard jokes and other interesting things. Some pictures are, of course, understandable only to the feelers of the Estonian tradition. But the majority I hope is generally understandable like little-nation selfishness.”In this series of works, the artist has relied on the Estonian and Livonian eating culture of the 19th century. This works have a dose of irony and beauty that is not idealized.

Everyone is welcomed! The exhibition is open from 05.09- 16.09