Nr. 1

Sergey Dyomin

March 29 – April 21, 2018

Seregey Dyomin Nr. 1 opening of the exhibition and book presentation
Year 2018. March 29. At 6 pm. In gallery BASTEJS, Alksnaja street 7
This is the three times Saatchi Showdown competition winner Sergey Dyomin’s (1974) sixth personal art exhibition. Sergey Dyomin studied philosphy at University of Latvia and painting at Latvias Art Academy.
At the opening there also will be his first art cataloge-book presentation, which was published with SIA „ALFOR” support, with personal thanks to Janis Zuzans.
The books text author, art academic Anita Vanaga has seen and discovered new Sergey Dyomin Nr.1:
„The artist is focusing on conflict. There’s no composition without conflict. It is embodied by today’s chimeras – hunger, poverty, diseases, fear, natural disasters, power, guns and virtual money. Dyomin’s paintings shows made up power holders, in compfortable sofas lying dictators, bounty hunters run around with decapitated heads, blood slandering everywhere.”
At the art fair can be seen paintings, that where made in the last year, as well most known works from previous years. Taken from a private collection of Zuzan family. Artists sketches also will be exhibited.
“His works doesn’t have common theme, but the author is succesfully following his egocentrical self-suficants, deneying any kind of search for amorphous ideas and concept, and humbly satisfies his own craving to reflect about everyday. That’s how he has always done it. Dyomin is his own lifes director and screenwriter. He thinks of series, which to be made, and then cancels the made up story, if he gets bored of it. When the idea dies out, it has to be abandoned, because there still is hundrets more of them and there is no use to hinder. Nothing spare, pure art.” /Kristine Jansone/