Death in the Water

Sabine Vekmane

February 1 – February 23, 2018

„I want to show my interpretation of the water-world. That it’s beautiful and dangerous, and you can die in it. The idea of the exhibition comes from a personal experience. Sometimes while snorkeling and diving in the Red sea I got excited and swam too far. Going further it was a wonderful adventure, but going back I was almost out of strength, that’s why when getting to the shore, I thought about possibility of death...Similar to dreaming something sweet – sometimes you don’t want to wake up and end the dream – I was thinking what would happen if I stayed in water a longer time, a much longer time. I was imagining how would the creatures, that I couldn't meet, look like. With help of painting and graphical techniques, I showed images and environment, that is reflecting the loose motions, game of survival and aggression of my underwater beings.” S. Vekmane