Purple Saturday

Sophia Shellare

February 1 – February 23, 2018

Last year July was very violet, evening was turquoise blue and today in the morning at 11 o’clock an electro pink. Every moment is fragile, incredible and very fleeting, against such a human need to capture it, detain it and stretch it longer like a rubber.
The exhibition is like a reflection about moment of time, where color and tonality is like a reference and association with one specifically lived moment – one kiss can fell like violet, but yesterday – blue.
Inspiration for these art pieces I took from taking pictures with Polaroid camera. Where the photo taking is like a clumsy effort of keeping the transient moment in tangible form. Using expired photo film tapes, photo cards shows unpredictable fools and errors, which even more increases the feeling of fragility.
Works as a painting series are made quite abstract, leaving a lot of space for imagination and interpretation. -S. Shellare