Human nature

Irēna Lūse

September 20 – October 14, 2017

“Contact with nature does not leave anyone regardless. And yet, no matter how similar these feeling are, for each person it is different. It encouraged me to paint landscapes, my feelings, my vision, what I felt staying alone with trees, which as mysterious formations, as strangers stands in one line, inside of bushes in glowing silence on the way to the sea, or simply watching a sun rays in the corner of the garden.” Irena Luse

The landscapes of Irena Luse works are deeply experienced by her own, because the artist inspires being alone in direct contact with the surrounding nature, therefore the artworks perceive the presence of intimate peace and certain lightness, dreaminess. One of the main components of her painting is light, which permeates both visually and in content. In the exhibition there will be also drawings by which the artist discovers how much of her feeling can be shown in a black and white drawing.