Kristians Brekte

April 26 – May 26, 2018

Starting from april 26th, Gallery Bastejs will present artists Kristians Brekte tattoo salon "BREKTE666TATTOO"
Recreating the exhibition hall to studio replica and filling it with paintings, photography’s and sculptures, which are similar to classical tattoo room interior. The artist himself takes the tattoo artists role. Each visitor by appointment will have a chance to get a tattoo of their blood group, done by Brekte. In history this symbol in gothic font was used in war in first half of the previous century on inside of the left hand. And here it was chosen to show tattoos previous meaning and the same as graffiti’s on house walls, serves as a form of communication with it’s surroundings and people.
Looking back at times, when through cut or tattooed signs people from tribes and prison groups communicated, now this ritual says about mans personality and his reflection about it, who is he, not what defines him. Tattooing, with more of its availability and societies attitude about it, has become a part of pop culture and usual part of everyday life. Just like fashion it’s dictated by trends.
To sign up for tattoo session, write to [email protected]