Rihards Delvers

There is a straight line, which starts and ends nowhere; there is a line which maybe sometimes crossing itself, and there is a line, which closes in itself. And if the line is immeasurably large then it is a circle. These three things for me is enough to construct the whole world. We can be in the Universe, we can comprehend it and we are able to observe it from the oustside. These are three different viewpoints. I want to show something that for the majority of the audience seems unattainable, distant and infinite.



Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1968 in Riga, Latvia


1989-1995 Latvian Academy of Art. Department of painting, Riga, Latvia 

1979-1986 Jānis Rozentāls Riga secondary school of Art, Riga, Latvia


Solo exhibitions

2009 Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2006 Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2005 Valmiera gymnasium, Valmiera, Latvia

2004 Gallery Antonija, Riga, Latvia

2002 Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

2000 Gallery Tifana, Riga, Latvia

1999 Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

1999 Riga Pedagogy and Educational Management Academy, Riga, Latvia

1998 Salaspils art salon, Salaspils, Latvia

1998 Daugavpils University of Pedagogy, Daugavpils, Latvia

1998 Gallery Telpa, Daugavpils, Latvia

1998 Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

1993 Foreign Museum of Art, vaulted hall, Riga, Latvia

1993 Gallery TEN, Liepaja, Latvia

1992 Gallery Stalla, Riga, Latvia


Selected group exhibitions

2016 Art Days. LMS gallery, Riga, Latvia

2015 Art Days. LMS gallery, Riga, Latvia

2015 Helenas choice. Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2015 Artists of the Year. Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2014 Art Days. LMS gallery, Riga, Latvia

2013 Art Days. LMS gallery, Riga, Latvia

2013 Painting of the Year. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

2012 Mariupole. "A. Kuindži ..."

2011 Autumn. Riga, Latvia

2006 Exposition in hotel “Island”. Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia 1997     Art days ’97. Riga, Latvia

2004 Venice, Autumn. Riga, Ventspils, Latvia

2004 Dabas piestātne. Blackheads house, Riga, Latvia

2004 Painting of the Year. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

2003 Exhibition of Small Forms. Gallery Rīga, Riga, Latvia

2003 Abstractionism in Latvian Painting. Exhibition hall Arsenāls, Riga, Latvia

2003 Tower of Babel. Project of Visual Arts, Riga, Latvia

2003 Creative Workshop 2003. Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2003 The exhibition at the Latvian Embassy in St.Peterburg, Russia

2002 Gallery Valensiya. St.Peterburg, Russia

2002 Only the Sea. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

2001 Exposition in European Union Embassy in Riga, Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2001 Saules bank, Riga, Latvia

2001 Only the Sea. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

2001 The Art of Flying. Museum of Decorative Arts, Riga, Latvia


2000 Painting of the Year. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

2000 21 painting. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

2000 Only the Sea. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

2000 Gallery Thereses Kunstsalong, Oslo, Norway

1999 Painting of the Year. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

1999 Gallery Laipa, Valmiera, Latvia

1999 Gallery Asuna un Saules bank exhibition, Riga, Latvia

1999 Exhibition of Small Forms. Gallery Rīga, Riga, Latvia

1999 Salaspils artists art days exhibition, Salaspils, Latvija

1999 Only the Sea. Galerija Asūna, Riga, Latvia

1998  2. Exhibition of Latvian Artists. Riga, Latvia

1998 Only the Sea. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

1997 Gallery Asuna un Saules bank exhibition. Riga, Latvia

1997 Miniatures. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia

1997 Painting of the Year ’97. Gallery Asuna, Riga, Latvia