Atis Jakobsons

By merging the boundaries between a subject and an object, the impossible and common, humane and divine, the reality and the idea, Atis Jākobsons searches for a manner of showing the primaeval nonexistence.
Through painting, charcoal drawing, video and installation the artist creates delicate planes. Thus, catching the space that exists beyond.



Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1985 in Bauska, Latvia



2008-2010 Acquired Degree of Master of Arts

2004-2008 Art Academy of Latvia, Painting department

2000-2004 Riga Design and Art school, Environmental design department


Solo exhibitions

2016 Frequencies (euphoria). Gallery Maksla XO, Riga, Latvia

2015 Dark Matter. Mūkusala Art Salon, Riga, Latvia

2011 Insomnia. Gallery Antonija, Riga, Latvia

2009 Eclipse. Gallery Gothards, Bauska, Latvia

2007 Emotion radiation. Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2006 Sleep. Gallery Mūrnieks, Riga, Latvia


Selected group exhibitions

2016 Contemporary landscape. Cēsis Old Beer Brewery, Cesis, Latvia

2015 Selfportrait. Gallery Maksla XO, Riga, Latvia

2015 KIK-4. Kino Internationale, Berlin, Germany

2015 Centro Negra. Blanca, Murcia, Spain

2014 Unknown Masterpieces. Wonderloch Kellerland gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014 In search of the Horizon. Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

2013 Survival Kit 5, Dauderi, Riga, Latvia

2013 Young Painter Prize. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013 Intervencion 2. Centro Negra, Blanca, Murcia, Spain

2012 Survival Kit 4. Tobacco Factory, Riga, Latvia

2012 A4. Das Gift, Berlin, Germany

2011 Mutant. Mukusala Art Salon, Riga, Latvia

2011 Moment. Alternative fashion event, Tallinn, Estonia

2010 I'm dying… (I live). VEF, Riga, Latvia

2010 Shape. Colour. Line. Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia

2010 Fever. VEF, Riga, Latvia

2009 The SEB grant in painting. Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2009 Art Helps. Gallery Sidegunde, Riga, Latvia

2009 Happy skylark. Gallery Pārdaugava, Riga, Latvia

2009 Figurative painting. Gallery Sidegunde, Riga, Latvia

2008 Riga - Nurnberg - Riga. Art Academy of Nurnberg, Nurnberg, Germany

2008 Selfportrait. Gallery Birkenfelds, Riga, Latvia

2007 Candy Bomber. Exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

2007 Myth about… Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2007 Itch. Gallery of the Artists Union of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2007 Accident with a finger. Museum of Jurmalas city, Jurmala, Latvia

2004 International Design Biennial. Saint Etienne, France

2004 Youth design. Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia


Public collections

The Latvian National Museum of Art. Riga, Latvia



2015 Diena Annual Culture Award for the solo show Dark Matter. Riga, Latvia

2013 Art residency Intervention 2. Murcia, Spain

2010 Art residency Centre International d'Accueil et d'Échanges des Recollets. Paris, France

2009 SEB Bank stipend in painting. Riga, Latvia

2009 Art residency Stiftung Starke. Berlin, Germany