Ieva Maurīte

While drawing, I think of my drawing becoming a sign, obtaining generalization and yet retain individuality. Each of us carry this cultural and historical experience, weather we are aware of it or not. A sign embodies experience, and hence the time.
I draw ideas. Ideas that were not invented by me, that have been created by someone else long before me, but in one way or another have come to me and are topical to me.
Line is flowing, but we know that in theory it consists of dots, just as present consists of individual moments following one another. There are moments that disappear, turn into past and we don’t even notice them, just as there are moments that turn into history and moments that turn into eternity.
No matter how unbelievable it sometimes may seem, but each of our movements, even seemingly the smallest one leaves its mark in the joint process, no matter how insignificant and unnoticed initially it may appear.



Curriculum Vitae

Studied at the Art Academy of Latvia, department of Graphic Art (MA, 2001).

Residencies: Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France (2005/2006),

SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland, Kunstschule Liechtenstein (2010),

BBK Bremen, Germany (2012).

Member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia (1998).

Painting of the Year award, gallery Asūna, Riga, 2007


New Creation Foundation scholarship, 1998/1999

Participates in exhibitions in Latvia and internationally since 1991.


Has held several solo exhibitions.

Works in UPB, Swedbank, Mati Millius, The Artists’ Union of Latvia and Pedvale Open Air Museum collections.