Karlis Silins

In Kārlis Siliņš paintings nature and travel impressions become sophisticated and multilayered ornamental compositions – landscapes, still life, and abstract images of jazz musicians that constitute a sensitive image of the world.
A bush, a bridge, a mountain – elements singled out from the general mystery of nature, acquire an important role in the making of paintings. The planes of the painting are divided into squares, which are filled in saturated, clear colors. In his works, Kārlis Siliņš is enamored with applications of different textures, thereby increasing the artistic expression of his paintings.
Unwittingly his works invite the viewer to take a more careful look around – in nature – and appreciate the mundane through artist’s works becoming the great eternal.
As the artist himself points out – painting is both his way of life and love.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1958, Jurmala, Latvia


2003 Latvian Academy of Arts, Mag. art.

1978 - 1984 LSSR State Academy of Art

1971-1977 The Janis Rozentāls Riga Art School

Latvian Artists' Union since 1985

Solo exhibitions

2016 An Altered Reality. Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2013 Baltic Union day. Lithuanian Culture center. Warsaw, Poland

2012 Cesis exhibition hall. Cesis, Latvia

2012 Gallery Makslas Banka. Riga, Latvia

2010 Cultural Center Majori. Jurmala, Latvia

2009 Gallery Tower. Sigulda, Latvia

2009 Gallery Ice house.  Valmiera, Latvia

2008 Talsi Regional Museum, Talsi, Latvia

2007 Gallery Doors. Tukums, Latvia

2004 Gallery Riga. Riga, Latvia

2000 Agija Suna gallery Black Dove. Riga, Latvia

1999 Landscape. Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

1996 Gallery G & G. Riga, Latvia

1993 Gallery Carre d'Or. Paris, France

1992 Gallery Bastejs. Riga, Latvia

1988 Gallery Jana seta. Riga, Latvia

Selected group exhibitions

2015 Imagio MundiI” Luciano Benetton Collection, CINI Foundation, Venice, Italy

2014 Painting of The Year. Gallery Agija Suna, Riga, Latvia

2013 Ventspils Plein air. Ventspils castle, Ventspils, Latvia

2013 7th International Contemporary Art 2013 Focus Europa, Germany

2013 Artists from Latvia. Art Union hall, Warsaw, Poland 

2011 Silins, Bernats, Mikelsons. RDMV exhibition hall, Riga, Latvia 

2011 The Year Painting. Agija Suna gallery, Riga, Latvia

2010 European City 3. Agija Suna gallery, Riga, Latvia

2010 Jurmala Artists. Jurmala city museum, Jurmala, Latvia

2010 Painting Begins in the Sky. Agija Suna gallery, Riga, Latvia

2009 European City 2. Agija Suna gallery, Riga, Latvia

2009 Self Portrait. The Artists’ Union gallery, Riga, Latvia

2009 Summer Exhibition. Gallery Man’s, Jekabpils, Latvia

2008 Dikli showroom, Latvia

2008 Exhibition in Helsinki, Agija Suna gallery, Finland

2008 Morocco. Gallery Man`s, Jekabpils, Latvia 

2008 Morocco. Talsi Regional Museum, Talsi, Latvia

2007 The Painting. Agija Suna gallery, Riga, Latvia  

2007 Chair. Agija Suna gallery, Riga, Latvia

2003 Small - scale exhibition, Riga gallery, Riga, Latvia

2002 The Sea. Agija Suna gallery, Riga, Latvia 

2002 24 artists from 3 Africa, Sydney, Australia

1998 Herberts & Karlis Silins, Ventspils Museum, Latvia

1998 Gershwin centenary exhibition. Nelly gallery, Riga, Latvia 

1998 Latvian Contemporary Art. Israel

1998 Helena Heinrihsone, Ivars Heinrihsons, Ilze Neilande, Karlis Silns, gallery Ciris, Riga, Latvia 

1998 Latvian Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, France

1997 Le Bateau Ivrea III. Exhibition Hall Latvia, Riga, Latvia

1995 Le Bateau Ivrea II. Exhibition hall Arsenals,  Riga, Latvia

1993 New Latvian artists, Museum of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia     

1993 Paintures, Letton du XXeme Sciele. Paris, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, France

1992 Art Festival. Hamburg, Germany

1990 Art Festival. Stockholm, Sweden

1990 Ist All- Latvian Art Exhibition. Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

Public collections

Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia

Latvian Artists' Union Collection

Latvia "SWH" art collection

Awards for work

2002 The see, a consolation prize, Agija Suna gallery

2000 Painting of The Year, award, Saules banka

1999 Painting of The Year, award, Saules banka

1998 The see, 1st award, Agija Suna gallery

1997 Painting of The Year, Gallery Bastejs

1997 Office Picture, newspaper "Mirror" prize