Andrej Prigacev

May 20 – June 22, 2021

Nowadays, when abstract thinking has reached a long-worn out clichés, life is getting modeled according to generally accepted standards. Individual psychic energy being blocked by design, so the intellectual ability to analyze is also blocked.
As the mental space decreases, we compensate for it by creating an illusory world. We get infected with Christmas anachronism.
The functions of consciousness are reprogrammed, and gifts become our main goal, rather than an understanding of the most important event in Christian culture. On a consumer basis we create a new holiday archetype "RECEIVE, unwrap, STUN".
The content of my work is not to ridicule, blaspheme or humiliate. The picture of each object is real depiction of several life situations, reconstructing memories and events in which I have been involved as part of the public in trying to follow the set standards.
In the process of critical thinking, events were constructed that were more symbolic.
Christmas traditions do not disappear, but return to modern times, gaining different
form and functions.
Will in history books the 20th and 21st centuries be called Gift Worship or Modern consumption of kitsch times and be evidenced by stories on the Internet about the gift unpacking hysteria?