Network / Couples

Zane Balode / Irena Luse

April 26 – May 19, 2019

There are things that never changes, and it's the same as my love for Space. It still is a wonderful way of expression, to tell about what's important to me. The story is the same, but the story line get's more interesting. Just because I have been starting to use pencil in my works. Everything is based on images of my life about interaction of related souls or network that it makes.
-Zane Balode

Irena Luse is a professor of painting in LMA. She works with different media - oil, pastel, watercolor - and is one of best in the field. One of the most important parts of the artists work is light - visually and as content. In a complicated process she achieves multilayered and fragile, transparent painting at the same time.
-Irena Luse