The Sun doesn't know how dark it is/ In these worlds dust

Arthur Virtmanis

February 6 – February 29, 2020

The idealist Rainis and the decadent pessimistic American philosopher Eugene
Thacker is probably a strange combination, but this time I was building the kind of reference bridge with their works. And this is a continuation of my experiments with intermittent, short-lived existing works of art that began a few years ago at the Drawing Center
within the framework of the experimental program Open Sessions. In my case, "dust" is more than just metaphor, but at the same time a game with dust in the literal sense - coal and its traces on a white paper surface. In the Dust of This Universe is a paraphrase of the melancholic meditations of the philosopher Taker: the world of the apocalypse premonitions. Rainis, on the other hand, spoke of the possibility of an idealized, higher position. Here between these two extremes I draw a black, fragile line ...

A monumental charcoal drawing with a depiction of a truly indeterminate giant figure could represent Raini: A mountain that seems to be looking far away from us ...

Dark, amorphous, almost exclusively emptied graphic works represent Eugene Tacher.
A black sphere or disk - like a negative sun - is a hybrid form that exists between the two thinkers.
Somewhere in the middle are us and everything else ...
/ A.Virtmanis /