October 5 – November 5, 2016

“Medusa’s Laughter…”

Medusa is the symbol of mans fear of women. Freud wrote that the terror of Medusa was the ultimate castration complex. Medusas severed head like St. Georges slain dragon became guardian symbols of the global patriarchal system, depicting the triumph of force. Our laughter is more ancient than our cerebral cortex. It bubbles up our spines and flowers atop our brain stems, which is the tree of life in the wildest gardens of our physiology. Uncontrollable laughter is a force that contorts the civilized body and subverts the rational mind. Laughter is revolutionary, because it is a unique bodily eruption that is always taken to mean something, unlike sneezing or farting. Medusa’s laughter is the part of the story that has never been written, it cannot be domesticated, or enslaved, because it is eternal. Medusa’s laughter, is a metaphor for transformation, exploring the power of laughter as a strategy for liberation, allowing for new ways of thinking about cultural change.

Skuja Braden