Tarmo Roosimölder

February 15 – March 11, 2017

Exhibition HERE at Gallery Bastejs from February 15 till March 11, 2017
Tarmo Roosimölder solo exhibition “Here” will be held at Gallery Bastejs from February 15.
Before the artist turned to painting he studied geology, that's why landscapes and elements of nature are an integral part of his creative work. From miniature oil paintings to outsized and scrupulously painted oak boards - the art of T. Roosimölder charms in its simplicity. In the past years the artist has developed a special painting technique. Covering the canvas with eight layers of paint he creates a magical play between the paint and light. Avoiding unnecessary objects and global laws Tarmo Roosimölder has created his own world of art. A moment between movement and a draw of breath.

Text: Auguste Petre