Art exhibition

Arturs Akopjans

March 17 – April 18, 2017

"It is quite clearly seen, also felt, that nothing starts and ends in the measured square - painting. It is so remarkable in the generation that no longer knows boundaries in art" Ingrida Burane
Armenian origin artist Artur Akopjan main expression is the color which is carefully selected, and it connects each next work.
It, together with delicate, but in the same time abstract characters represent distinct personal style. A style that leaves a sense of his own freedom, probably because that allows the works not to remain within the limits of the canvas and permission to create works based on joy.
In some works there is spontaneous, naive line that creates almost childish sweet lightness.
The artist is not holding on to a particular concept, in the paintings he depict a particular feeling of the moment, mood and thoughts.