Sergejs Djomins

20. aprīlis – 20. maijs, 2017

In the era when everybody is searching and sharing, there is meaning for searching for the truth and research. It is opposition to reality of fake news. It has been proved - the acquired knowledge quickly vanish, and do not stay in long-term memory.

In time around birthday, a person dives into reflections and searches. I also. That's why in the exhibition RE: search there is a lot of new works. I hope that viewers will not only search for reflections, but also will find that one the most important thought which is important today and right now. /Sergey Dyomin/

Sergey Dyomin is one of the most provocative latvian contemporary artists. His art requires sacrifice - a complete refusal from stereotypes and a desire to bound with an absolute reality. Dyomin's artworks are home for various, publicly known characters and symbols that enchant the viewer in their directness and also have a little laugh about him. Irony is one of the main expression techniques that S. Dyomin uses. It permeates his paintings that are dedicated to landscapes of his fatherland and flickers through the extraordinary portraits and icons, in which monkeys are chosen to be the protagonists. Animals and war are subjects that are a very important part of Dyomin's art. Independent from each other they narrate about their own experience, at the same time confirming the need to stand together. There is no need to refer to world known novel “1984” by George Orwell to understand the meaning of Sergey Dyomin's art. It's a sovereign reflection about modern society and its ideals, about beauty in the uncomely and the ugly in our everyday. /Auguste Petre/