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Eugene Brimmerberg

August 8 – September 2, 2017

Artist and philosopher Eugene Brimmerberg was born in 1950 in Russia. During his early artistic activities, the artist has repeatedly studied the universal principles of enlightenment, both in painting and intellectual thought. The artist began to represent his work to the public at the beginning on the nineties.

Eugene Brimmerberg has developed a distinct style, based on the deliberate and long-established development of his techique. His compositions reveal both a pure form and an abstraction, which, combined with the silk texture of surface, as well as the diverse and smooth transitions of the color, creates a unique aesthetic.

The artist purposely rejects postmodernism, admitting the return to timeless icons in history of art. The basis and source of inspiration is the modernism of the beginning of the 20th century, therefore Brimmerberg’s works show references to abstract expressionism, cubism and other phenomena of avant-garde.

“My development was foremost influenced by the music of Mozart and Wagner, historical works by Herodotus, Plutarch and Tacitus. Thanks to these, I was able to comprehend the scale of a human personality. The purpose of my life was to attain conscious freedom, and I have reached this goal. I have a clear and distinct idea of art. I know what to do next. I hope I will be strong enough to reveal the might that the mind of a modern person is throbbing with.”
Eugene Brimmerberg.