Kārlis Siliņš

April 2 – April 30, 2016

In Kārlis Siliņš’ paintings nature and travel impressions become sophisticated and multilayered ornamental compositions – landscapes, still life, and abstract images of jazz musicians that constitute a sensitive image of the world.
A bush, a bridge, a mountain – elements singled out from the general mystery of nature, acquire an important role in the making of paintings. The planes of the painting are divided into squares, which are filled in saturated, clear colors. In his works, Kārlis Siliņš is enamored with applications of different textures, thereby increasing the artistic expression of his paintings.
Unwittingly his works invite the viewer to take a more careful look around – in nature – and appreciate the mundane through artist’s works becoming the great eternal.
As the artist himself points out – painting is both his way of life and love.